uFun Group Delivers uToken For Global Compensation Plan

We love to survey the field and get a lay of the land for our fellow Indonesians and wanted to talk about an exciting marketing opportunity that is sweeping the country and world for that matter in the financial sectors.

Many experts are discussing the probability of uToken becoming the world’s first accepted digital currency, even though Bitcoin is one of the most recognized to date.

The compensation plan review for uFUN uTOKEN is the most lucrative part of the digital currency trading system which allows you to earn uPoints actively and passively, adding up to your original sum invested. Despite being in its early stages of development in the USA, there is a strong Asia presence already established as they look to gain more market share in Indonesia and the USA.

utoken ufun money chaseAs you must be already aware, uFun Group offers a networking platform which supports the ability to enroll other members who are interested in the international trading exchange of uTokens; this allows you to buy, sell and trade uTokens as well as getting rewarded for referring others into your team who can begin to “buy low and sell high of UPoints” as more value and interest is gained worldwide in this digital crypto-currency.

The uFun members can earn through four types of bonuses, the percentage of which depends on the star number of the member as well as the star package to which the new member joins in. These bonuses are: referral bonus, development bonus, management bonus and global turnover incentive bonus.

These four types of bonus and how much a member can earn from them make the core part of the compensation plan of uFun Club.

What Is the Compensation Plan For uFUN and uTOKEN?

  • Referral Bonus

A member earns this bonus on introducing a direct referral to the uFun system. One can earn as much as 7 to 12 percent through referral bonus depending on the membership level and also the package being taken by the referral. So, even if you are a 2 star member, you can earn more by introducing a 4 or 5 star member to the system. This is an active way of getting qualified bonuses for your marketing skills.

  • Development Bonus

The development bonus is based on the point volume of the team you build in your organization. So, as your team grows you are paid automatically without doing anything directly. This reward can be as much as 7 to 10 percent depending on your level of membership. However, there is a higher cap on the total daily bonus earned which is specific for each membership level. In case, your development bonus sum goes beyond the limit of your membership level, you can upgrade your membership to the next level to earn more. You can visit all of this once inside the UFun UToken backoffice at Ubonusman.com as well.

  • Management Bonus

This bonus is also a passive earning way to reap the benefits of building a solid foundation and team within uFun Group. Here each member is rewarded depending on his/her membership level, as the direct referrals of the member earns development bonus. As the development bonuses of your direct referrals grow, your management bonus grows automatically, and the bonus is calculated to 3 to 7 levels deep, ensuring a source of continuous income even without any direct involvement. This reward is usually 3 percent of the development bonus of your direct referral and varies with the membership levels.

  • Global Turnover Incentive Bonus

Last but certainly not least, the members with 3, 4 and 5 star accounts are eligible to get this bonus within the UToken packages and structured compensation plan. Members are allowed to take part in this package only within 30 days of their registration. Registering for other members of the family can allow you to participate in this bonus program which amounts to 1% of the global turnover. This is for the more serious investors of UTokens and should be looked at as the best way to earn big within UFun business opportunity.

For each of the type of bonus you earn, 70 percent of the total earned bonus will be awarded to your Bonus Wallet that you can withdraw as soon as it reaches $100 or you can also use that for register points to be used in adding new members. The rest 30 percent of the bonus earned will be accounted to your UPoint Wallet that you can use to buy more uTokens.

Should you Buy and Sell UToken and Join UFun?

Look, everyone is different. Being that it is 2015 already, the world is becoming a smaller marketplace financially and as more people have instant global outreach, opportunities of this nature will continue to pop its head up. The one thing about UFUN and UTOKEN that seems to be hard to miss, is the potentially huge upside a company and opportunity like this has in the long run.

The world will move and transition into a digital currency standard, whether it be bitcoin or utoken, one thing is for certain, it will happen.

Stay tuned for our updates and next post as we bring you exciting opportunities on how to find the best of the best to make your future the brightest it can be!